Emigrate to New Zealand for better business opportunities

Emigrate to New Zealand for better business opportunities

Many people are now looking to develop their businesses by moving to different countries. Some may be interested in investing in developing countries, while others may consider investing in developed countries. The investment choice depends on the entrepreneur’s view. New Zealand is one of the countries that you can invest in.

Investing in New Zealand

To invest in New Zealand, the applicant must contribute an appropriate amount decided by the New Zealand government. The decision is taken based on the ownership of the existing business. An immigration officer or counselor can help people make the right decision.

Employment Opportunity

Those looking to immigrate to New Zealand in search of better job opportunities can apply for the additional investor category or the long-term business visa category. These two categories are the best for New Zealand’s commercial immigration program.

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Visa categories

In the additional investor category, there are two types of visas one can apply for. This is the other investor visa or investor visa. In the first category, the minimum investment in New Zealand must reach $ 10 million for at least three years. In the second category, the minimum investment must be NZ $ 1.5 million for at least four years.


In addition to the investment criteria, the applicant must fulfill several other conditions. Applicants for the investor category must be less than 65 years old, while the applicants for the investor category must not exceed unlimited. Also, it does not require business experience for the Investor Plus category, while for the other party, the applicant must have a minimum of three years experience.

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In addition to age standards, settlement box standards must also be met. Investor category applicants must have a settlement fund of NZ $ 1 million while there are no settlement fund requirements for the Investor Plus category.

Categories of work visas

Those seeking to apply for a long-term business visa category must first provide the required documents, such as current business ownership, health reports, personal reports, English language requirements, and a few others. The most basic material is the business proposal or business plan.

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This business proposal must include all details of the type of work to be created in the country and other information, which may be a monetary amount for the investment or the locations where the commercial plant will be established. Besides these details, there are also other details that the business plan must include.

You must have enough money to live correctly in the country. These funds are excluded from the investment made. If all conditions are met, the New Zealand government will issue a nine-month visa that will allow the applicant to start his own business. Nine months ago, you must submit a detailed report on the company’s development, and then obtain a long-term work visa.

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